American Diversity Visa Lottery is a division of Nukay Group International originally located in the Surburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA (now operating primarily from Houston, Texas, USA with representatives Boston, New York and in major cities of Nigeria, including but not limited to: Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt, Aba, Ohafia, etc.

We are strongly committed to the fast, accurate and reliable registration of our EDV Candidates. Founded in 2003 with the passion for a professional servicing of the EDV registration needs of the mostly minority community in the world, ADVL has continuously met this vision.

ADVL has a track record of officially confirming a successful registration. We employ experienced data entry and processing experts to deal with the ever-changing technical and bureaucratic demands of the EDV process; more so, ADVL has installed a seamless means and methods of communicating with our valued customers. Our founders and principals are respected and honorable members and leaders of their individual communities.

We make coming to America Easy and Affordable!

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* We are not affiliated with the United States Department of States - the official organizers of the Congressionally mandated annual diversity visa lottery

* We are a private, fee for service entity, and we do not claim, either expressly or implied, to represent the United States of America Department of States.